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Release 61 – New document editor incoming!

Our biggest feature to landing today with Release 61 is our new Loan Document Editor! We looked at the most common problems our loan officers and processors have when receiving documents from their borrowers and built a tool to handle each one of them! Read about the Loan Document Editor Here.

Release 61 is a smaller release including many bug fixes and smaller feature improvements. We also included some quick notes on upcoming features at the bottom – thanks for reading!

All Changes

  1. Loan Document Editor

  2. Copy Scenario to Main Loan

  3. We now have two new actions when using scenarios. You can copy pricing from a scenario to the main loan – or copy the full loan details (borrowers, liabilities, everything). Scenarios can be used both on the Pricing page, and on the Loan Summary page

  4. Closing Calendar Features

  5. Remove B2/Non-primary borrowers from calendar

  6. Add direct loan links on monthly view

  7. Add filters to filter loans by status

  8. Disable the skills notification alert

  9. You will no longer receive the “Skills Available” alert. You will still see the red available skills count as it changes at the top of your screen.

  10. Normalize liability values from credit vendors

  11. Some credit vendors report a “missing” balance or payment amount for liabilities that should be $0. We now autofill these values when appropriate to streamline the liabilities management process when moving to Registration Status

  12. Taskbar Changes

  13. Display LTV all of the time. This will update when saving the loan on any page, and will show anytime there is a loan amount value and a property value

  14. Hide DTI Ratios until pricing is selected. DTI can be largely inaccurate until pricing is selected, so we are hiding that value now until a product is selected

  15. Pricing/Fee Changes

  16. Track fee change history. Show who edited fees and when that occurred

  17. Automatically set cursor/tab settings when editing fees

  18. Fix broker compensation rounding errors leading some products to be off by $0.01

  19. Fix LTV Calculation when used in slack notifications

  20. Show best pricing to borrowers on the Borrower Pricing Page. Add additional disclaimers to reflect expired pricing warnings

  21. Add Date Expected Out of UW Key Date. Collect this when moving the status to Submitted to UW

  22. Add additional condo information forms

  23. Allow document generation directly from workflow tasks.

  24. Add Fax Cover Sheet as an option to merge onto generated documents

  25. DTI/Loan Summary Fixes

  26. Restructure Loan drag/drop fix

  27. Additional 1003 updates (preparation for 2021 1003 PDF)

Coming Soon

We are often asked what is coming next to the NexSpring Platform. Without giving too much detail, here’s our top 2 items on our to-do list:

Loan Details Page: better design and navigation

Now that the Loan Summary page is up and running, we are turning our attention back to the Loan Details page to clean things up and further improve the experience. We expect to make the page much more readable and easier to navigate for both new and advanced users

Landing Pages: unique brandable lead campaigns driven by Google and Facebook Analytics and integrated with accurate online pricing

We have been working on our Landing Pages tools for a long time, and we are almost ready to share them with our customers. Landing Pages offer a highly customizable question flow that gathers pricing and customer information in any order for lead acquisition. The branding, text on the page, and even type of questions are all configurable to create the best possible experience for your target audience

Look for a post on landing pages soon as we make this available to all of our customers!

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