Release 63 – Hello Landing Pages

Updated: Mar 16

Today is our first release of 2021! We have launched a handful of new features along with mountains of bug fixes and improvements.

Landing Pages

Unique brandable lead campaigns driven by Google and Facebook Analytics and integrated with accurate online pricing. Read more about landing pages here

Contacts Taskbar

We have moved the Loan Contacts Card to the taskbar to be more accessible no matter where you are in the application. You can even select which contacts are important to you, and pin then just like you can in the Custom Taskbar. Loan Officer and Processor assignments are now integrated into the contacts bar to keep all of your contact information in one place.

Other Features, Changes, and Bug Fixes

  1. Documents batch action status selection

  2. Add closer role (located in contacts taskbar)

  3. Add Past Due notification for workflow tasks in the Slack daily summary

  4. Property type support for multiple financed units, commercial properties, attached/detached properties

  5. Various 3.2/1003 improvements

  6. Add a 3.4 Download Action Button (Yellow button, right next to the 3.2 Download)

  7. Show notice of expired pricing in the registration dialog

  8. Hide ICD Dates on key dates panel (they are shown already on the orders section)

  9. Respect loan tags for fees and product descriptions during manual pricing

  10. Use rental losses as a liability instead of negative income

  11. Remove duplicate “Alterations, Improvements, repairs” from DOT

  12. Remove 0% down payments in 3.2 when provided

  13. Use estimated value for appraisal if provided in 3.2

  14. Filter lost leads from closing specialist channel

  15. Remove orphan addresses during loan save

  16. Include “Other Housing Expenses” as Housing Expense in DTI

  17. Add asset type support on 1003 for “Proceeds from sale of non real estate asset”

  18. Add back selected coborrower military fields onto the loan form

  19. Fix annual/monthly amount conversions

  20. Check for coborrower removal on included housing expenses for monthly payment calculation

  21. Fix various loan form validation messages

  22. Fix scrolling problem on large dialogs

  23. Fix missing LO/Processor assignment on advanced search

  24. Ignore 10 month DTI rule for Lease Payments liabilities

  25. Fix non borrowing individual marital status selection

  26. Remove teams Org Chart

  27. Fix amortization term filters on admin pricing

  28. Add a warning for appraisal value set to $0

  29. Fix Submitted to UW dialog selection issue

  30. Remove Loan Seller Tax ID

  31. About pages, loan officer bio changes

  32. Fix phone number display on 1003

  33. Fix loan restructure save issues

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